Detrus Technologies, LLC

Accelerating solutions.

Detrus Technologies, LLC

Detrus Technologies, LLC, founded by J. Robert and Lauren Michael in 2017, helps scientific, academic, and business entities accelerate solutions by providing expert consultation in the areas of software development, High Performance and Cloud computing, mathematical modeling, and data mining.

Areas of expertise

  • Spectrum LSF optimization
  • Software design for distributed systems
  • Matlab to Python conversion
  • Large scale pipeline design
  • Legacy software modernization and testing
  • Efficient solutions to numerical systems

Who are we?

J. Robert Michael, PhD

President / CEO

J. Robert Michael founded Detrus in 2017 and has worked with academic and industrial entities to offer advice and assist with software development and optimization in various capacities. With academic backgrounds in Mathematics (BS, MS), Computer Science (MS), Physics (PhD), and professional backgrounds in HPC and Bioinformatics, Robert has seen a wide array of use cases for scientific computing using HPC, containerization, and large scale storage systems.

In his free time Robert likes to play hide and seek with his daughter and play video games. He wishes he had more time for photography and he feels strongly that almost any food can be accompanied by either ranch dressing or peanut butter.

Lauren Michael

Administrative Director

With Lauren's diverse background including sole proprietorship of a salon, marketing and social media management for an orthodontics office, and non-profit fundraising and development, she was very excited to jump on board with Detrus as Administrative Director in 2017.

In her free time Lauren likes to watch the Detroit Tigers (even though they lost Verlander) and experiment with new recipes. She can beat anyone at Mario Kart 64 and absolutely loves feeding the giraffes at the Memphis Zoo.